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HD Wireless Dental Camera

HD Wireless Dental Camera

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It's like having your own personal pocket dentist! - Melissa Brown

Why you need a MouthCAM

MouthCAM allows patients to check, assess, and monitor their oral health and provides a dentist's point of view. You can now find and identify problems early and prevent cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer from getting worse. The camera provides stunning visuals of the oral cavity and all images/videos can be shared with others including your dental team.


  • Detects cavities
  • Detects broken fillings and cracked teeth
  • Detects gum disease
  • Monitors oral cancer
  • Monitors shifting teeth and braces
  • Great educational tool

Additional description

Intraoral cameras can help you and your family members save money on expensive dental bills by helping you identify problems early and painlessly. The MouthCAM is like your own personal pocket dentist that can be accessed anytime and anywhere 24/7/365.

Use the MouthCAM to monitor your dental implants, periodontal therapy, cavities, and dental problems so you can be informed and prepared. You can share all the images and videos on MouthCAM with your dental team and even use them to get 2nd opinions.

The Wireless MouthCAM is easy to use and connects with all iPhones and Android mobile devices through a WIFI connection. It is rechargeable and has an interchangeable tip that can be used for different family members.

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