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Wired Intraoral Camera

Wired Intraoral Camera

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Purchase your own MouthCAM and begin experiencing a whole new way to monitor your oral health!

Why MouthCAM?

Dentulu’s award-winning Intraoral Camera MouthCAM is a great tool for patient education. It can be used to allow a dentist's point of view to be seen directly on your mobile phone or your computer. You can take pictures of your teeth, gums, and even monitor your oral hygiene and alert your dentist when you suspect any problems.The camera comes with a special cellphone adapter that is compatible with Android devices and other USB-compatible devices such as laptops and desktop computers.




Bright flash with 6 LEDs

Android & IOS compatible

USB-compatible to connect with Computers

Replaceable heads

Additional description

The CAM in MouthCAM stands for Check Assess Monitor

With the wired MouthCAM, you save time, money, and those painful dental problems before they get out of control.

Since the product is a personal item, we do not accept returns. However, we will exchange the product if there is an issue with it.

About Dentulu's MouthCAM The wired MouthCAM, designed by Dentulu, is a revolutionary artificial intelligence software, packed in a handheld, lightweight intraoral camera that captures HD quality images inside one’s mouth, while also providing a live video feed to one’s dentist. The size of a toothbrush, patients can now provide dental professionals a live view of their teeth, mouth, and gums wherever, whenever. Save the images on your phone and allow your dentist to remotely monitor your dental health, detecting dental problems early.

Wired MouthCAM Applications:

COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the traditional face-to-face practice of dentistry has become more difficult and unsafe for both patients and providers. Our wired MouthCAM helps both parties connect quickly and easily by helping dental professionals virtually monitor their patient’s oral health.

Wired MouthCAM Privacy

Any images or videos taken by the wired MouthCAM can only be sent and shared with the dental professional of the patient’s choosing. Medical Design Excellence Awards 2021 Gold Winner: Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Products

Purchase your own MouthCAM and begin experiencing a whole new way to monitor your oral health!

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